Cercle broder
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  • Cercle broder

Cercle broder


This round embroidery circle has been specially designed for your pretty embroidery!

Exist in 4 sizes (diameters): 12,7cm - 15cm - 20,4cm - 300,5cm

Its primary utility? Keep the canvas, fabric or support you want to embroider/work in order to facilitate your work. These drums will also form perfect frames to be displayed on the walls of our interiors.

Embroidery hoop diameter: 10,2cm - 4inch

Made in bamboo and then polished, these embroidered drums are light and pleasant to work. They consist of 2 circles empatterned each other and a golden brass setting screw allows the maintenance and tightening of the fabric.

Just separate the two circles and place your canvas or the support of your choice on the main frame (the circle without the screw) before clipping the second (the circle with the metal screw) above. Press with the setting screw. And so your canvas will be perfectly tense!

Once your support is put in place in the frame, you will be able to start your embroidery, paint, scrap, macramé, punch needle creation or your textile customization!