Stabilmanche - Vlieseline
  • Stabilmanche - Vlieseline

Stabilmanche - Vlieseline


€5.00 /m

Thermocolling stabilizing bands, for all cut edges in diagonal or rounded, of type Vlieseline straight yarn. Adapted to all fabrics.

Display price for 50cm (for 1m you need to indicate 2 quantity)

Color: Black

Instructions for use

The pass is 12 mm wide, with a chain point of 4/8 mm on its length. The pass must be thermo-coated so that the 8 mm side is located along the edge. It must be directly adjacent to the line of the chain point.

  • Place the rough side of the roof over the back of your fabric.
  • Fix dry iron, 5 to 6 times slowly and gently step by step for 8 seconds.
  • Cool after fastening for 20 minutes flat to obtain a perfect adhesion.

Data sheet

100% Polyamide