Microtextiles needles
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  •  Microtextiles needles

Microtextiles needles


Ideal for microtextile: 5 flat heel needles "special points" 60 - 80 mm.


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To avoid disruption of your sewing machine, useA BOHIN needle!

The finesse of the needle and tip stem, avoid making "great holes" in the fabric! The seams are fine and don't make any executioners.These needles can be used for other tissues than silk and viscose such as patchwork fabrics.

What should be remembered:The higher the number, the more the needle adapts to thick tissue.
Our needles are usable on all the leading machine brands that have a flat heel:Bernina, Lild, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Juki, Elna...

Equivalence Singer 8 - 12.