Assortment Long needles
  • Assortment Long needles
  • Assortment Long needles

Assortment Long needles


Ideal for everyday sewing on light and medium fabrics.20 needles.


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BOHIN France republished its pockets of the 50's, made up of high-quality steel needles as always! Each pouch is dedicated to a speciality: common seam, embroidery, retrieval, fashion (bâtir).

Made in France in the Bohin factory, from nickel-plated steel, these needles pass through 27 manufacturing stages, guaranteeing an incomparable slip and an irreproachable tip.

Composition of the assortment:

  • 2 long needles N°5
  • 6 long needles N°7
  • 6 long needles N°9
  • 6 long needles N°10

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