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Bullet newspaper


Carnet spécial bullet journal - Welcome Today

The Bullet Journal, but what is that? It is still a strange English name that designates something very simple (and much too cool).

This trend is straight from New York. Invented by Ryder Carroll, this type of newspaper is actually a method of organisation that mixes agenda, To Do Lists, memos etc. Everyone is free to model it in his image: minimalist or full of details, arty, simple or more complex, colorful or monochrome... you see!

On a single newspaper, a lot of information that will allow you to gain in productivity and relieve your head of billions of things to do, not counting the relaxation that its design brings you, too convenient?

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A5 format book on dotted pages

Composition: 160 pointed pages printed in dark blue (26 x 39 points)

Material: white paper

Dimensions: 14.8 x 21 cm

Grammar: 80 g/m2

Details: Named custody page and 4-page index; Cardboard cover covered and matt filmed; Hot gilding printing; Pages to number themselves; Closure by round elastic; Storage pouch in the inner cover