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Button gauge


Measuring rule for buttonholes proposed in two colours: pink or silver.

The buttonhole measurement rule provides a quick measure to place your buttonholes and buttonholes on all your clothes. Fast and easy to use, it allows to place 8 to 9 buttons spaced from 1 cm (closed rule) to 8.7 cm (folded rule).

Buttonhole gauge color: Rose

Use: put the buttonhole measurement rule on your garment. Deploy the length you want to set your ideal location.

Mark the location of your buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyelets and even pressure buttons will no longer have secrets for you. Using the points and slits of the gauge, mark the position of the buttons and buttonholes with chalk or a washable marker. Metric markers allow you to mark the ideal lengths.

Mark your folds and fronces with the buttonhole measuring rule
When creating fronces, smocks, skirts and dress folds, stretch the extensible rule to the desired distance between the fronces during the fronces or smocks, stretching the buttoning rule so that each point is exactly at a certain distance from each other. With sewing chalk or washable textile felt, use the slits of the knob measuring rule to mark the sewing line.

This measurement rule can also be useful to you in your quilting work thanks to its geometric appearance. You can use an adhesive tape to block the spacing of the rule and thus define all your sewing lines.

Material: aluminium, available in two colors: rose and silver