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Tags Ikatee - Funny (assortment)
  • Tags Ikatee - Funny (assortment)
  • Tags Ikatee - Funny (assortment)

Tags Ikatee - Funny (assortment)


Lot of 5 labels woven to sewing on your clothes, the final touch to finish your creations!


1 label "Bigoût"
1 label "Dolce vita"
1 label "Keep cool"
1 label "My Cabbage"
1 label "Today is a good day"

We have chosen a high quality label that allows to keep a very opaque background, without the colors of scriptures or drawings being transparent.

They are pre-folded on both ends to facilitate sewing and ensure a clean finish.

They don't scare.

The polyester resists thousands of washings, while remaining soft to the touch. It does not decorate and supports high machine washing temperatures.

Labels cannot be sold separately.


"Bigoût" 3,8 x 2,4 cm (excluding folded edges)
"Dolce vita" 4,4 x 3 cm (exclusive folded edges)
"Keep cool" 3.1 x 3.8 cm (exclusive folded edges)
"My cabbage" 5.3 x 2.2 cm (exclusive folded edges)
"Today is a good day" 3,3 x 3,3 cm (excluding folded edges)

Material: 100% polyester

Do not iron

Certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100