Double Cotton Gases - Strawberries

Double cotton gas on repeated pattern of pink strawberries on a white background. Make the plain of peps and energy in this beautiful print with fresh tones....

Popeline cotton in Carreaux - Ocre / White broken

Cotton popline with broken ochre and white tile pattern. A twisted basic of a beautiful quality 100% cotton that suits the sewing of dresses, shirts, top......

Viscose aquarelle multicolorecolore

Ecovero viscose with abstract and multicolor pattern with brush strokes and paint splashes. This fabric will be perfectly adapted to the sewing of a top or a...

Box Holi Summer 🐘✨

Les box de l'ensemble Ganesh et du sac cabas Surya sont en vente !

Êtes vous prêt à vivre un Summer haut en couleur ? ☀️✨

La recette :

  • 🐘 Des duos de tissus indiens faits main en block print
  • 🔥 Un look complet overstyle ET top confort
  • 👌🏻 Pour parfaire le tout, l’accessoire indispensable des vacances

Holi summer est une invitation au voyage, une ode à la vie, à la couleur & à la joie 🙌🏻

Box ready to sewing Ganesh Ensemble - Holi Summer

Ganesh isshirt set / ultra-comfort shorts and ultra-styled who will revolutionize your summer! A slightly oversize shirt with waist collar....

Box ready to sew Sac Surya - Holi Summer

Surya is the bag overstyled you're gonna want to wear every day this summer! A practical Cabas shape, pockets with pretty smooth finishes, a...

Etiquettes Holi Summer (lot 3)

The Holi Summer label celebrates the sun, the love of colors and the joy of moments of sharing!Perfect on a bag, jacket or cap. You're gonna want to s...