The sequin fabric pattern is characterized by the use of small, shiny, reflective pieces called sequins, which are sewn or attached to the fabric to create a shimmering effect. Sequins can be metal, plastic, glitter, or other shiny materials.

Our selection of sequin fabrics includes different patterns such as plains, lines, geometric patterns, flowers, animals or abstract patterns. It is also made up of different types of assemblies, of which here are the main ones:

  1. Sequin fabric: basic fabric covered with sequins, usually sewn or attached with threads or glue
  2. Sequin Embroidered Fabric: Sequins are sewn directly onto the fabric using threads, forming patterns or embroidered designs. This type of fabric often offers a more complex and three-dimensional texture
  3. Reversible Sequin Fabric: Fabric covered in sequins that can be flipped over to reveal a different color or pattern. This allows to create interesting visual effects and change the appearance of the fabric depending on the direction of the sequins
  4. Sequin mesh fabric: lightweight mesh with embedded sequins, forming an even pattern or coverage on the surface of the fabric


Sequin is perfectly suited for making evening wear, cocktail dresses, dance costumes or decorative pieces for special events where you want to add a touch of sparkle.

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