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The sewing of an underwear, a bodysuit or a swimsuit are among the most delicate. The specificity of these garments is to guarantee an appropriate adjustment, optimal comfort and durability in the face of the constraints of use. The use of stretch fabrics also involves the application of specific sewing techniques.


We have summarized the few peculiarities of the sewing of these specific pieces:


  1. Water-resistant fabrics: Swimsuits are usually made from special fabrics designed to resist water, such as lycra, nylon or polyester. These fabrics are stretchy and dry quickly.
  2. Lining: Swimsuits are often lined to provide better support and increased opacity.
  3. Special elastics: Swimwear requires the use of special elastics, such as swimsuit elastics, which are water and chlorine resistant.
  4. UV resistance: Some swimwear is made from fabrics that have ultraviolet (UV) protection to protect the skin from the sun.


  1. Comfort and fit: The underwear is designed to provide a precise fit and optimal comfort. The fabrics used are often stretchy and soft to the touch.
  2. Elastics: The underwear is equipped with soft elastics to ensure good support without causing discomfort.
  3. Flat seams: The seams of underwear are often made in such a way as to minimize chafing and skin irritation.


  1. Top and Bottom Combination: Bodysuits are garments that combine a top and bottom in one piece. They are often used as underwear, but can also be worn as a garment in their own right.
  2. Snaps or Crotch Closure: Bodysuits are equipped with snaps or crotch closure for easy putting on and taking off.
  3. Comfort and fit: Like underwear, bodysuits are designed to provide a precise fit and optimal comfort. The fabrics used are generally stretchy and soft on the skin.


In summary, it is essential to follow the instructions of the pattern and to use methods adapted to the fabrics and garments in question. With practice and patience, you will be able to create custom, well-fitting intimate and swimwear.

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