Quilted fabric is a textile made up of two or more layers of fabric that are joined together with padding between them. It is characterized by a diamond or line stitching pattern that holds the padding in place, creating a quilted effect. This filling can be cotton, polyester, or foam, providing a soft, lightly padded texture.

Quilted fabric is often used to create outerwear, quilted jackets, coats or padded vests. Its sandwich construction with a layer of wadding between two layers of fabric gives it a quilted texture and a certain thickness. It can also be used for accessories such as quilted bags or cushions.

Quilting fabric comes in a variety of patterns, colors and textures, providing a wide variety of choices for different sewing projects.

Care for quilted fabric depends on the materials used, but most can be machine washed at an appropriate temperature. It is generally recommended to follow the manufacturer's specific instructions to preserve the quality and appearance of the fabric.

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