Jacquard is a fabric that has complex patterns, often in relief, created by a specific weaving. It takes its name from the jacquard loom, which allows each yarn to be individually controlled to create varied patterns. Jacquard patterns can be floral, geometric, figurative or abstract, and are integrated directly into the structure of the fabric.

Jacquard fabric is popular for its rich texture and elegant appearance. It is often used in the making of high fashion garments, evening dresses, jackets, dress pants and accessories such as handbags and scarves. It can also be used for interior decoration, such as curtains, cushions or blankets.

Jacquard fabrics are generally made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, or wool. The care of jacquard fabrics can vary depending on the fibers used, so it is recommended to follow the specific instructions for each fabric.

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