Checked & Vichy

Check pattern fabric consists of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, creating squares or checkerboard patterns. There are a variety of tile sizes and colors, ranging from classic designs to more modern ones. Indeed, there are actually several types of plaid fabric patterns, here are the most common patterns:


Tartan: tile pattern traditionally associated with Scottish clans. It consists of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, forming tiles of different sizes and colors

Gingham: characterized by small equal squares, composed of 2 distinct colors. Available in an infinite number of colours, it is often used for retro-inspired clothing and accessories.

Houndstooth: Distinctive checkered pattern that resembles hen's paw prints. It consists of tiles of various shapes, and is often used to create elegant clothing and accessories.

Madras: Originally from India, it is known for its colorful and vibrant tiles. It is often used for summer clothes and brings a touch of liveliness and freshness to outfits.

Buffalo check: thicker and more imposing check pattern, often in black and red. It evokes a rustic vibe and is often used for outerwear like jackets and shirts


The plaid pattern is therefore versatile and can be used to sew a wide range of garments and accessories, from shirts and skirts to jackets and bags. It brings a touch of structure and sophistication to any sewing project.

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