The floral pattern is a staple in wardrobes and sewing projects. The fabric is characterized by illustrations of flowers, leaves and plants, available in a wide variety of floral designs, ranging from delicate and realistic designs to more abstract and stylized designs.


Our selection of floral patterns are available on cottons, silk, satins, muslin and viscose.

Floral designs are versatile and can be adapted to different styles and occasions. Whether for casual wear, evening wear or matching accessories, floral fabrics are a timeless choice for tailoring. They allow you to sew the project of your choice such as:

  1. Light and flowing summer dresses, elegant evening dresses or fitted dresses for different occasions
  2. Tops and blouses adding a touch of femininity to an outfit. You can choose between casual styles, button-up shirts or more sophisticated blouses.
  3. Skirts bringing a romantic and summer feeling. You can opt for maxi skirts, A-line skirts or pleated skirts, depending on your preferred style.
  4. Accessories like scarves, headbands, clutches and bags, adding a splash of color and liveliness to your outfit.


With a expert's eye, we can distinguish the imprint of the best-known brands such as Liberty of London, which is known for its delicate and detailed floral motifs, or Rifle Paper Co., an American brand renowned for its floral illustrations available in magnificent cotton.

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