The paisley fabric pattern is inspired by the traditional and artistic designs originating from the Kashmir region of Asia. It is characterized by intricate floral patterns, crescent-shaped patterns and geometric details. Colors are rich and vibrant, with deft use of contrast. The cashmere fabric pattern evokes a timeless elegance, a refinement appreciated for any sewing project.

At first glance, the ideas of associations with a piece of clothing do not fuse, and yet, here are some proposals for outfits:

  1. Fluid, elegant and feminine dress. Opt for a regular fit or a maxi dress to show off the pattern
  2. Skirt both chic and sophisticated. You can choose an A-line skirt, a pleated skirt or a pencil skirt to highlight the pattern
  3. Elegant blouse or blouse for a work outfit or a special occasion. Go for a classic fit and let the pattern be the focal point
  4. Scarf or neckerchief to add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any outfit
  5. Jacket or coat for a touch of luxury and style to your outfit

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