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My sewing projects


Here is your new ally to accompany you in all your sewing projects! Specially designed for seams, this book allows you to organize your stock of fabrics, your mercerie and your patternes and then imagine and plan all your projects for at least 1 year.

36 fabrics, mercerie and patterns to never forget this beautiful coupon or these wonderful buttons at the bottom of your closet

4 moodboards to fill to imagine your future collections per season

12 monthly schedules to plan all your duvets throughout the year

30 project sheets to be completed to prepare all your creations and keep track of each

Cut, paste, draw, imagine... make this notebook a unique object, like your wardrobe!


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Author: Mélanie Jean.

Number of pages: 144.

Size: 15 cm x 21 cm.

Cover: connected.


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