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Patron Lauren


The elegance of a shoulder supported by a fold (but without being exaggerated), a structured square neckline that can be emphasized with a long-buttoned neck and wrist and a retro strap, the delicate Lauren is the misleadingly wise piece for a look that has character!

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Declineable in a slightly evasive blouse, or in a trapeze dress above the knee, its sleek line is the perfect playground for strong prints, color block games, or a precious fabric... Versatile but squarely chic!

Sewing level:

Intermediate if you sew the version without neck band and with the simplified wrist (sleeved wrist).

Advanced for the version with neck band (incrustation mounting), sleeve bottom with inscribable slit and buttoned wrist.

To help you, find the video tutorial of the Faye combination on the website or the YouTube channel Maison Fauve!

Fabric choice:

- Viscose, fine linen for blouse or cotton dress, tencel, linen, silk and for the blouse version a nice adjourned fabric also. Rather flexible fabrics, which will flatter the work of the shoulder fold and the fall of the swept sleeve. Recommended weight 80 to 220 g/m2 depending on the desired rendering, from the blouse very light to the winter in fine wool.


- Thermo sticker for wrists and neck

- 12 buttons about 12mm diameter

- 20cm of buttonhole galon

- Fabric for a laize in 140cm:

Blouse version:

- 34 to 38: 190 cm

- 40-44 : 210 cm

- 46-52 : 230 cm

Dress version:

- 34-36 : 250 cm

- 38-42 : 265 cm

- 44 : 275 cm

- 46-50 : 300 cm

- 52 : 310cm


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