Fully needles
  • Fully needles

Fully needles


5 sewing needles 90 mm for overjet - Universal tip.


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To avoid the disruption of your sewing machine,Use a BOHIN needle!These needles are nickel-plated steel, which promotesa perfect slip in the fabric. Their manufacturing process is designed to obtain aoptimal balance between resistance and flexibility.The flat heel ensures precise placement of the needle.

The overjet is a sewing machine different from the classic sewing machine. It uses between 3 and 5 coils simultaneously. It makes a more complex point than a classic sewing machine. This point allows to lock the fabric and obtain clean finishes. A knife cuts the fabric at the same time as the sewn machine. It also allows to keep the elasticity of your fabrics from the family of the sts (tricot, jersey, molleton...).